Introduction of KC Pain and Mobility Center

Committed to Reducing Pain and Increasing Motion

Committed to you.


Living with musculoskeletal pain isn't normal.  Often times, conservative therapies such as chiropractic can help.  If you need care beyond our offerings, we will work with other healthcare practitioners to help you pursue your health needs and goals.

Motivation to Move

When your body moves better, it works better, and you feel better.


When moving hurts, you avoid it.  This includes exercise.  Among the many benefits, movement and exercise promote flow of your blood and lymph, release of endorphines, dopamine, and serotonin, and build your strength and endurance so you have a more vibrant quality of life.  

Restoring motion. Advancing health.

You pay only if you get significant improvement. Who decides? You do!!!

We are passionate about soft tissue and how its function relates to motion of your joints.  We've learned soft tissue techniques from some great doctors and have more than 6 years experience in the field refining those techniques. 

If I'm not doing my job, you don't pay me.

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